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This is a back to school reminder
for you to share with your
students, peers, or parents.

This is a rough outline of how the process works to begin the DI year for your team, building, or district.


During September through November


1.    School district often orders and pays for team packets from DI headquarters (www.destinationimagination.org) for the teams from their district. This helps with identification when there are several teams from the same building instead of letting each manager order their own packet.

2.   Organize your teams and team manager (TM) volunteer since all first-time TMs must attend a training to be eligible to take their team to competition. Also, requiring parents attend your organizational meeting often helps with ownership and commitment to the program.

3.   A Representative for your district must attend Governing Board meetings. Please see the Governing Board Member Expectations below.


4.   Find a required Appraiser volunteer for each team. Each Appraiser will be required to attend a mandatory training in February to prepare him/her for a specific duty at the tournament

5.  Team managers (Co-managers are encouraged) or Governing Board Representative registers (www.ohdiregion4.org) each team from your district and pays the fee to our Regional Treasurer.

6.   All registration fees are due before December 1st to avoid late fee.

7.   Volunteers register online.


During September through March

1.   Support your teams by assisting with time and spaces for meetings, practice, and/or storage areas. Support can also be regularly touching base with teams, helping secure resources, providing chances for teams to “practice compete” in front of a live audience. This could be classes at their respective schools, PTO meetings, District Board Meeting.

2.   Another useful support is to create an “Instant Challenge(IC)” Practice Day since often teams are so involved in fine tuning their Central Challenge areas they run our of time to address the IC practice.

Governing Board Member Expectations

1.    Attend Governing Board meetings
Return and share information with schools, district, and teams
Serve on a committee, do a task or job related to Tournament Day
Attend tournament day & execute your tournament job

Help with set up for tournament on the Friday evening before

Clean up during and after tournament

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