Ohio Destination Imagination Region 4

New Roadmap Resource: Project

Management Tools to Stay on Track

August 27, 2015

Written by Andrew Whitmire

This book is included with the purchase of your Team Number.

Destination Imagination (DI) is proud to release our newest and most comprehensive version of Roadmap with the inclusion of clear, tested and useful project management tools from the Project Management Institute Educational Foundation (PMIEF).

The world runs on projects. 

Destination Imagination Challenges can easily be described as “projects.” DI is working with the PMIEF to give participating DI teams the tools and skills that will help them solve their Team Challenge for the 2015-16 program season and also help them handle any school or future work project. These tools will also help DI Team Managers run efficient team meetings and keep their teams on track.

Roadmap leads teams and Team Managers through the DI Program while overlaying both the creative process, and now, PMIEF tools. In Roadmap, DI and PMIEF have created and published age-appropriate project management language to describe the steps of the Project Management (PM) process. Each step of the PM process has been aligned with how teams develop and produce their Team Challenge solutions.

Specifically, Roadmap incorporates a series of tools and resources that will help teams accomplish a number of goals along their journey through the creative process. Some of the tools include defining the Team Challenge project plan so that the team has a clear timeline and division of tasks among team members; developing measurable milestones to keep the team on track; and managing the limited time and resources that are available to the team when solving its Challenge.

Preparing Students for the 21st Century Workforce

According to a recent publication by the Project Management Institute, 1.57 million new project management jobs will be created every year around the world through 2020. Professionals and job-seekers with project management skills are in a prime position to benefit. By preparing DI participants to become project managers early in life, they will be more easily positioned to take on these emerging job opportunities.